Sunday, November 20, 2011

Real vs Fake Leather!

Real leather
Belstaff leather boots $550

Fake leather
Ring strap shearling lined boot $28.10

1. Real leather smells like leather. Fake leather has little smell or it smells like plastic!
2. Real leather has a softer, wrinkled surface and the texture isn’t consistent. Fake leather is has the same texture and pattern throughout and it has a plastic feel to it.
3. The price! Real leather is more pricier than fake. So if a brand new pair of boots are for example $30 there more than likely man-made!

Bonus Tip: The difference between cow leather, sheepskin and pig leather?
Cow leather is the strongest most sturdy leather which is used to make most shoes, sheepskin leather is the thinner more flexible that is used for clothing and pig leather has a bumpy texture to it (goose bump feel).

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