Sunday, October 10, 2010

Special Style Tribute:Plus Model Magazine!

To give special thanks to Plus Model Magazine I am featuring some of my favorite work that I have done thoughout the year for such an awesome magazine!

Model: Griselle

Model: Emma Meyer

Model: Jordan Tesfay

Model: Kailee O' Sullivan

Model: Sheridan Watson

Model: Nikki Gomez

Model: Ivana

Model: Kasia

Model: Shannon Heitt

Models: Kyle Rapps, Griselle and Clint Walker

Makeup Artist: Tara Taylor

Me at the Fennimas Mens Jewelry shoot!

Me with Fennimas Jewelry Designer Rachel!

Pics of me and Rachel with Editor of PMM Maddy!

Maddy with Models after House of Curves Photoshoot!

Maddy and Jordan!

Thank you to Maddy, and the rest of the team for the opportunity to shine and show my creativity!
Thank you Rachel for introducing me to Maddy and designing the BEST Jewelry!
to check out PMM go to

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Shannon said...

This so adorable! Love love love it :)

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